Training Videos

Videos showing various training tips and techniques.

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Training Various Behaviors
Canine Body Language - Pictures and Video

The Premack Principle - Fence Fighting

Teaching eye contact

Teaching 'Leave It!'

Nail trimming

Jumping on people - how to modify behavior

Teaching your pet to allow brushing

Clicker train a bath

Teaching 'go to mat'

Dr. Sophia Yin's site - great articles and video

Pilling a cat

The Fun Stuff
Teaching the dog to close the door

Turning on light switch pt 1

Turning on light switch pt 2

Judy Seils

Judy Seils has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and cats in the most stressful of environments, the veterinary clinic. During that time, she taught dog training classes and helped clients with behavior issues. She trained and competed with two of her dogs, Dreamer and Shiloh, in flyball, and coached other teammates in training their dogs. Judy also had fun working with Dreamer and Shiloh in freestyle.

Though currently dogless, Judy is clicker training her calico cat, Ruby who is keeping her humble as they work on such behaviors as sit, beg, give me five, wearing a harness and others. Cats are definitely harder to train than dogs, but also fun to work with.

Judy loves using her knowledge to help other people train their dogs and cats.

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