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Special Needs Pets

Whether your pet was born with a disability, was injured, or lost use due to old age, here are some sites with great resources. It's a good idea to train your pet with the anticipation that they will one day have some disability due to old age. Early training can help them adjust to new circumstances.

Blind Dogs Suport Website

Top 10 Rules for Living with a Blind Dog

Resources for Blind Dogs

Training Deaf Dogs

Training Tips for Deaf and Blind Dogs

Disabled Dog Resources

Special Needs Pets Resources

Products for Handicapped Pets

Help 'Em Up Harness - A great harness for dogs with rear end weakness or paralysis.

Behavior Specialists

Texas Veterinary Behavior Service (TVBS)- Dr. Lore I. Haug - a referral service dedicated strictly to the diagnosis and treatment of behavior problems in animals. TVBS is the only veterinary behavior referral practice in the greater Houston area.

Kathy Sdao's dog behavior site

Animal Behavior Society Website

Cat Resources

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Cat Friendly Homes

Dog Resources

Fun With Your Pet

Freestyle Dancing

NAFA - North American Flyball Association

Rescue Groups in the Houston Area

There are a lot of rescue groups in the Houston Area. Check with your local Petco or Petsmart, they usually have rescue groups there on the weekends with dogs and cats available for adoption. If you want a particular breed, a few are listed below, but you can search online by breed name and location.
Don't Shop, Adopt!

Cat and Dog groups

AARF - Adopt a Rescued Friend

E-Rescue Houston - Dog and Cat rescue and adoptions

HOPE - Homeles and Orphaned Pets Endeavour

Harris County Animal Control

HSPCA - Houston SPCA

HPPL - Homeless Pet Placement League

Operation Pets Alive

By Breed

Border Collie Rescue

Boxer Rescue

CAPS - Citizen for Animal Protection

Dachshund Rescue

Greater Houston German Shephard Dog Rescue

West Highland White Terrier Rescue

Other Rescue and Pet Assistance Organizations

2nd Chance 4 Pets

SNAP - Spay & Neuter Assistance Program

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition

Harris County - Public Health
Dead Bird Reporting

Other Recommended Products

Merrick Pet Care - food and treats

Gentle Leader Head Halter - available at Petco

Other Training Sites

Karen Pryor clicker training

Dr. Ian Dunbar's free puppy training guide

Dr. Sophia Yin's site - great articles and video

Patricia McConnell, PhD - Dog training and behavior

Service Animals

U.S. Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division - Disability Rights Section - ADA Requirements - Service Animals

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA

Assistance Dogs of America - Resources for Service Dogs

Judy Seils

Judy Seils has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and cats in the most stressful of environments, the veterinary clinic. During that time, she taught dog training classes and helped clients with behavior issues. She trained and competed with two of her dogs, Dreamer and Shiloh, in flyball, and coached other teammates in training their dogs. Judy also had fun working with Dreamer and Shiloh in freestyle.

Though currently dogless, Judy is clicker training her calico cat, Ruby who is keeping her humble as they work on such behaviors as sit, beg, give me five, wearing a harness and others. Cats are definitely harder to train than dogs, but also fun to work with.

Judy loves using her knowledge to help other people train their dogs and cats.

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