The Recall - Coming When Called

All classes will use positive reinforcement with clicker training and be held live, online from Houston, Texas via Zoom.

The recall, or coming when called is one of the most important cues you can teach your pet.

With a reliable recall, you can keep your pet from running into danger, get them to come away from something they shouldn't be doing, and just get their attention when you want to give them some love.

People often make the mistake of poisoning the cue by calling their pet, then punishing them for something they did 'wrong'. The punishment doesn't have to be physical, it may just be a raised voice, or loss of freedom for a short time. The animal doesn't make the distinction. If something negative happens after you call them to 'come' then they will be hesitant to come in the future.

The class is meant for any dog or cat, whether they've been taught 'come' before or not. We will work on teaching you how to call your pet and reward them appropriately without damaging the cue, and teach the pet that coming when called is safe and worthwhile.

To get a reliable recall takes a lot of practice in many locations. It's a basic requirement for all forms of canine competition and, to me, a necessity for the safety of our pets. More than one session is recommended.


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Judy Seils

Judy Seils has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and cats in the most stressful of environments, the veterinary clinic. During that time, she taught dog training classes and helped clients with behavior issues. She trained and competed with two of her dogs, Dreamer and Shiloh, in flyball, and coached other teammates in training their dogs. Judy also had fun working with Dreamer and Shiloh in freestyle.

Though currently dogless, Judy is clicker training her calico cat, Ruby who is keeping her humble as they work on such behaviors as sit, beg, give me five, wearing a harness and others. Cats are definitely harder to train than dogs, but also fun to work with.

Judy loves using her knowledge to help other people train their dogs and cats.

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