Correcting Attention-Getting Behaviors

All classes will use positive reinforcement with clicker training and be held live, online from Houston, Texas via Zoom.

Correcting attention-getting behaviors like jumping up, barking, meowing and climbing, can be difficult. It requires everyone in the house to respond to these behaviors in a certain way to decrease their frequency along with the training.

Attention-getting behaviors can be anything your pet does to get your attention. Dogs that jump up on you or bark at you, cats that meow or cry loudly, or knock things off of the table and climb up on your desk, any behavior that is annoying to you and gets the animal your attention could be just that. And every time you respond to the behavior you reinforce it.

In this class will we will discuss your pet's attention getting behavior, create a plan for correcting it, and offer tools for managing and changing the behavior. Often these behaviors have been in practice for some time and will require more than one session to resolve.


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Judy Seils

Judy Seils has over 20 years of experience working with dogs and cats in the most stressful of environments, the veterinary clinic. During that time, she taught dog training classes and helped clients with behavior issues. She trained and competed with two of her dogs, Dreamer and Shiloh, in flyball, and coached other teammates in training their dogs. Judy also had fun working with Dreamer and Shiloh in freestyle.

Though currently dogless, Judy is clicker training her calico cat, Ruby who is keeping her humble as they work on such behaviors as sit, beg, give me five, wearing a harness and others. Cats are definitely harder to train than dogs, but also fun to work with.

Judy loves using her knowledge to help other people train their dogs and cats.

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