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On these pages you will find links to stories, art and videos from various authors and artists dedicated to the wonderful western TV series "The Magnificent Seven".

Starring actors: Michael Biehn as Chris Larabee, Eric Close as Vin Tanner, Anthony Starke as Ezra Standish, Ron Perlman as Josiah Sanchez, Dale Midkiff as Buck Wilmington, Andrew Kavovit as JD Dunne, Rick Worthy as Nathan Jackson, and last but not least, Laurie Holden as Mary Travis.

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Hi, I'm JudyL, your librarian for the Magnificent 7 Fic Corral, formerly Lady Angel's Magnificent 7 Library.

I started helping update LAL in April 2012 for Lady Angel. In 2015, she handed over the site to me completely and due to some issues with the host server I have renamed and revamped the site.

Since April of 2012, we've had almost 40,000 hits to this page, so if you think the interest in the Magnificent 7 fandom is waning, you are sadly and thankfully mistaken. We always love to see new authors, artists, stories, fan vids and artwork. If you find a broken link, need to add a story link or correct information about one already posted, please send me an e-mail.

Many thanks to all of the authors who have agreed to list their stories here. We couldn't do it without you! Keep those stories coming!

Thanks, JudyL

Disclaimers: The Magnificent Seven are property of MGM, Trilogy, CBS, etc. None of the authors on this page claim them as their own and as Ezra would say, "when the sanctified dead rise from their graves" we'll get paid for our work.

Over the years, many stories have gone missing due to websites going down and authors leaving the fandom. Here you can find some of those lost stories.
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