• Everyone enjoys watching a dog's tricks
  • Teaching your dog tricks may be useful in many ways
  • Working with your dog, even just on 'tricks' will strengthen the bond between you

Clicker Fun
Fun Tricks you can teach your pet

This is a 4 to 6 week class designed to stretch you and your dog. There will be games to test basic skills during class and assignments to practice at home so you can show off new tricks each week. Canine Manners 101 is required (exceptions may be made on an individual basis).

The class will include:

  • A brief refresher on clicker training and learning theory
  • Games designed to test known behaviors like sit, down, stand, come and stay
  • Teach helpful behaviors like 'go to mat'
  • Teach fun tricks like 'spin', 'wave', 'back' etc.

This will be held several times a year. Contact Judy for more information.

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