• We want to help you make your new pet a well mannered part of the family
  • Learning to prevent problems is a big part of training your pet
  • It's much easier to teach a new behavior than to get rid of a well-practiced one

Pawfect Manners 101

For new puppy & kitten owners

This class is for new puppy and kitten owners who need help getting their pet started out right. It is a 1 hour seminar held once a month. No animals are brought to this seminar, only people, but the entire family is welcome.

The class will cover:

  • House training tips
  • Recall - coming when called - briefly explained
  • Crate (kennel) training
  • Feeding tips
  • Handling
  • Biting/scratching/rough play
  • Appropriate toy choices
  • Chewing
  • Socialization

This seminar is not meant to be a comprehensive training class, it is designed to help you get started with basic 'rules of the house' to prevent certain behavior problems from starting. I highly recommend you follow up with Canine Manners 101 or Feline Manners 101 if you are interested in further training your pet.

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